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Croatia 2012 - Croatian Food

R6 is the wine that Anthony Bourdain raved about during his visit to Croatia.

"This is world class food; this is world class wine; this is world class cheese. If you haven't been to Croatia, you are a fucking idiot." Anthony Bourdain (I didn't swear, he did!)

Our evenings in Postira start with long dinners on the balcony:

During every meal I sit there and feel that it is almost impossible to choose what is most spellbinding - the view:

Or the foods:

Rosemary grows like a weed! It is used as a fence for houses. It also infuses the food with the most lovely piny aroma and flavor.

Rosemary bush

Grapes are everywhere. It covers outdoor garages to protect cars from the sun. It drapes over balconies  to add shade and beauty.

Olive growth over an outdoor garage

The grapes are a treat to eat:

Mozart was playing

And they make delicious wines:

The peaches are sweet and soft need to eat it. It's amazing:

Olive trees are the Croatian "postcard". They are all over and produce an out-of-this-world olive oil.

Olive Tree

We brought home a bottle of this award winning Croatian olive oil:

Award winning Croatian olive oil

Figs grow every where. And I can guarantee you have not had a fig better that one.

Figs picked next door 

I particularly enjoy it on my cheese plate.

Fig on a cheese plate

Going to the food markets is a delight:

Food market in Bol, Croatia

Food market in Split, Croatia
The lemon...cut one in half and your entire kitchen is infused with the aroma. The purple onion is so sweet, you could bite into it and not cry at all. The tomatoes are perfectly sweet...they seemed to end up at our table every night:

The prosciutto is outstanding. I had way too much of it :-)

Food market in Bol

Konoba Kod Joze, Split

The cheeses and salami...oh my...

We enjoyed having Pag cheese (from the island of Pag) along with wine.

Stina winery, Bol

The fresh fish and shellfish...freshly sweet and flavorful as it can get.

The fish of the day

From the sea to out table. Fresh fish cooked on wood burning grill
The grilled squid is a must!

Grilled squid being grilled at a village party, Bol - Croatia

And with the squid ink they make the amazing black risotto:

Shrimp, from street food:

To world class restaurants:

They have fantastic veal that is just lovely on the grill and when slowly cooked:

My mother-in-law's braised veal with mushrooms and potatoes

Oh, and the lamb. Croatia has most amazing lamb. I ate it grilled on wood burning fire:

Or the also grilled cevapi (type of kebab made with ground meats, including lamb):

And I ate it cooked (whole animal) in a spit roast for hours:

The desserts are wonderful there too (are you surprised?!). Unfortunately I did not eat many... I will cover them next year:-)

But, oh, and the daily gelato! 

By the sea:

Or at the ancient streets of town:

Nothing like a good gelato!!

Again, imagine yourself eating all of that while looking at a view this:

Tough, right??!!

I just scratched the surface with this list. There is much more to Croatian food than I could ever cover in quickly written blog post. Their cuisine is rich and diverse. I have not traveled around that country enough to really see and taste it all. But for now that (both the view and the food) is good enough for me.


  1. When I lived in England as a grad student, everybody talked about Croatia as the best kept secret of a place of un-Rivaled beauty, incredible land and seascapes, amazing Mediterranean food but at discount prices. They'd say Croatia was the working persons Côte d'Azur and even though people went there on the Magic Bus (discount coaches) and it took days from London, students found it amazing. I'm not sure it is still as cheap as it was in the 1980s relative to other Mediterranean destinations. Is it still affordable?

  2. Robb, as you know Croatia is very popular now and the country is benefiting a lot from tourism. But Croatia it is not overly filled with tourists, which is very nice! The prices are much higher than they used to be but not too high compared to everywhere else. It is always cheaper to stay and eat in the small villages versus bigger and more popular areas...Flying there from here is expensive too:(

  3. Beautiful pictures Paula! I'm soooo hungry now looking at this amazing food photos :D It's nice to see that you enjoyed yourself in Croatia :) I want to make brazilian cheese bread for my blog so I will use your recipe for one of my next posts woohooo :) Pozdrav iz Zagreba ;)

  4. Your blog about Croatian Food is really awesome and this food looks delicious. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I like Croatian cuisine food very much and i have tried many croatian recipes which i got from youtube and many other website. I like visiting Croatian restaurants in weekend.

  5. Amazing blog and photography !

  6. Really nice blog...and some lovely pictures which make me dream of summer and a holiday in Croatia...Can't wait to go there again...and the mouth is already watering. I just wish there were more Croatian restaurant oustide of Croatia. If you need a Croatian translation make sure that it is done by professionals.

  7. Hi!
    My name is Amy and I'm with Dwellable.
    I was looking for fun and authentic posts about Croatia to share on our travel site, when I stumbled across your blog...If you're open to it, shoot me an email at amy(at)dwellable(dot)com.
    Hope to hear from you soon!

  8. have you tried stuffed squids? they are absolutely amazing


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