Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Croatia 2012: Days at the Beach and a Favorite Sandwich

 It was already dark when we arrived in Postira, Croatia. Taken by exhaustion, all I could really see was my mother-in-law handing me a plate of cooked bell peppers filled with ground turkey and served over penne pasta and a light tomato and wine sauce. It was the remarkably flavorful and locally made olive oil that she drizzled on top of the peppers that reminded me of where I was at that time. After dinner we all moved to our bedroom and hoped that we would sleep well considering that our bodies were 7 hours behind us.

The first night was not so bad. In the morning the kids did what they do best: they forced me out of the bed. The first thing I did after that was to open the curtains in our bedroom. I was suddenly paralyzed by the picturesque sight outside the shutters - it was exactly how Postira lives in my mind...the mountains, the Adriatic, the greenness.

I immediately got myself and the kids ready for the beach and ran to the small beach in front of my in-laws house. My son was the first one to dip into the translucent water. I was able to capture his expressions at that time (they are worth a thousand words!).

We spent entire days at the beach. There was just too much fun to be had and we could not accept being away from the sea and the sun.

Next to swimming, our favorite thing to do at this beach is to sit at the cafe that overlooks the beach and  order several rounds of coffee with milk (expresso with a touch of milk and some delightful milk foam).   If the view was not good enough, Croatia also gifts us with phenomenal coffee. At the grocery stores I noticed that a lot of it is imported (from Brazil, Italy, etc), but it is the way they prepare it that makes all the difference - and men, they know how to do it.

While we sipped our coffee the kids had fun exploring the surroundings...

A favorite around lunch time (at that same cafe) is a hot sandwich filled with cheese, ham, mayo and pickles. I would never think of adding mayo and pickles to my ham and cheese sandwich, but it works! You are going to love it! Along with that sandwich we enjoyed the freshest and sweetest tomatoes bought at a local market. 

Postira Beach Cafe Sandwich

In Postira they use a long white bread that is soft and not too crusty. Unfortunately all I had today was a  crusty French baguette so that is what I used. Cut the bread in half like you do to make a sandwich. Spread mayo (be generous!) on both sides the bread ( used a light canola mayo but you can use any kind you like). Follow with thinly sliced pickles (as much as you wish).

Now two slices of cheese. You may use regular gouda (not smoked/not aged), or Havarti.

One or two thin slices of cooked ham.

Spread butter on the crust (top and bottom).

And place it on a panini grill or on a hot heavy bottomed skilled.

Make sure both sides of the sandwich are deep golden and that the cheese is all melted.


I have much more to share. Be back soon ;-)


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