Wednesday, January 9, 2013

On - Lunchbox Idea

Today on I am sharing ideas to fill the kids lunchbox using leftovers from breakfast. Easy and delicious, this pancake BLT turned out super yummy. I confess I ate the whole thing immediately after taking those photos!!

The whole grain pancakes hold up really well and don't get all mushy like some do. It got me excited to try some other combinations like these:

Whipped Chive Cream Cheese with Sliced Cucumbers 

Nutella with Sliced Bananas
Click  HERE for the recipe and article.


  1. You made my day! I am very happy and relaxed too that I find this blog. I was looking for the matter discussed in blog post. If you have some more blogs on the material please share those as well. Thanks a lot and keep sharing such useful information.

  2. nice post.. all recipe looks so mouth is watering :D :D


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